HR Partners are the single point of contact in HR for our people and our practice leaders. We help our people thrive through building deep personalized relationships and proactively support them through their life, career and project experiences. We succeed in this role by knowing our people and business well.


Provide individual employee coaching and guidance based on a strong understanding of a person s interests, aspirations and knowledge of our business

Connect with Practice Leaders to understand the business practice strategy and use that knowledge to coach our people, while also coaching Practice Leaders based on knowledge of our people

Provide employee support during the entire process of connecting people to projects, coaching people on best fit roles

Work with HR colleagues to understand talent priorities and talent programs to make employees aware of specific opportunities

Manage key HR processes for example being and HR coach for talent... discussions

Coaching Advising

Effective Communications

HR Policies Process

Talent Mgmt

Stakeholder Mgmt


Relationship building

Compassion Empathy

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